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Our Origins

After we started incorporating healthy foods into our own diets, we quickly learned first-hand the many benefits that healthy food has to offer, but we also learned how hard it can be to keep up a healthy lifestyle while also leading a busy life. The idea to open Owl and Lark came to us after living in the La Grange area and not being able to find any juice bars close to us. We decided we wanted to share our favorite recipes and become a source of healthy, delicious meals in La Grange. We wanted to bring the city to the suburbs, because we believe that healthy food should be accessible to everyone.

Our Mission

We think our juice and coffee bar will be unique to La Grange and our hope is that it will serve as an exciting little tidbit of unique culture for this little town, all while offering delicious and best of all healthy food and beverages that everyone can enjoy. Our mission is simple: To serve healthy and delicious fresh squeezed juices and smoothies, high quality coffee, and delicious sandwiches to our customers, and to promote healthy living and give back to community while offering a contemporary environment where people can gather alone or in groups. We source local, organic ingredients when available that provide a fresh alternative to your everyday fast food joints.